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Q. how to install it?
A. just download and open the .zip, then click the .msi to install

Q. the overlay is not show up
A1. make sure no other overlay software is on, like AfterBurner(RivaTuner), Fraps.

A2. not every games we support, if overlay is show up in some games, but not working in other games,try to enable "Unknow Games Support" of tray icon, if still not working, send us the game name for check.

Q. the Agaue Eye compatiable Steam Overlay/uPlay Overlay/Origin Overlay?
A. yes, we have tested and working fine.

Q. i don't have other overlay software on, but overlay still not show up for popular games, like DOOM, LoL.
A. try to disable anti-virus software to confirm Agaue Eye is block by anti-virus software or not, if yes, please add it into white list.

Q. what's hotkey for toggle overlay ?
A. Shift-F7 for show and again for hidden.

Q. what about steaming software compatiable?
A. OBS,Shadow Play, XSplit

Q. my hardware is not recognize.
A. send us the specs, we will take took to find the problem.

Q. overlay not show up for BattleEye/EasyAntiCheat Games.
A.BattleEye, EasyAntiCheat has white list for injection,
try to enable AntiCheat compatiable mode of tray icon, if still not working, try contact them ;) .

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